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Change Log

Thank you for your long-term expectation. I will change the page to enumerate the update log so that everyone can know the configuration changes at various points in time, especially destructive changes.

At the same time, the acknowledgments of donating users will also be recorded in the timeline.


If you want to join the development of Mint input method configuration template, please submit a PR:

You are also welcome to invite me to drink coffee, please be sure to note "Mint Pinyin" or "oh-my-rime" (●'◡'●)ノ♥



  • Breaking changes: Modification of the activation key for reverse lookup. It is uniformly used in all input method schemes 51779acb8 :
    • Uu: Character decomposition reverse lookup
    • Uw: Wubi reverse lookup
    • Ui: Stroke reverse lookup
  • Breaking changes: The activation of emoticons has been changed from vv to VV, and the issue of English vv being occupied and unable to associate during word formation in the case of double spelling has been resolved. 46a070dd0d



  • Breaking changes: Fully use the new Lua introduction method to prepare for adding to the repository update source
  • Destructive change: Use radical_pinyin to replace chaizi for word splitting #29
  • Default configuration file migration: Migrate default.custom.yaml to default.yaml to facilitate user-defined overrides
  • Xiaohe Shuangpin auxiliary code filter prompt: Add Xiaohe Shuangpin's auxiliary code filter to facilitate Xiaohe users to see the font code prompt. It is turned off by default. You can use "Control + Shift + C" when there are candidate words. "To activate, use ; to enter the auxiliary code
  • Lua adapted to lunar date output 7febf49d7


  • Optimizing input method spelling speed 43757469d1 :
    • Removing the regular expressions for abbreviated spellings in the Double fly Pinyin input method can significantly improve spelling speed. Double pinyin also does not require abbreviated spellings.
    • Optimizing the abbreviated spellings in other Pinyin input methods can theoretically achieve higher efficiency than wildcard matching.


  • Destructive changes: Remove the custom personalized patch configuration of Xiaolanghao and Ratwhisker, and use personalized configuration instead
  • Use a fixed-width font for the Mintimate serial number: Use the fixed-width font that comes with the system to avoid uneven serial number lengths[#35]( -rime/issues/35)
  • Period automatically appears on the screen, ``` appears on the screen by default
  • Weasel's theme preview adaptation a6b054698dc
  • Cancel "auto prompt" with mixed Chinese and English phrases 92f6143688


  • Traditional Chinese switching shortcut key correction #37
  • Removed __inculde configuration, optimized character limit Lua #28


  • Delete unused Emoji configurations (OpenCC has been used to replace them)
  • Delete residual dependencies on Lunar Pinyin that are no longer used


2024/01/22爱发电爱发电用户_8b76950¥(KFC)Hi, 感谢维护oh-my-rime



  • Use 98 Wubi to replace 86 Wubi, and consider whether to reintroduce 86 Wubi later.
  • Update documentation and introduce mirror warehouse


  • Fuzzy Pinyin is not used by default #15


  • Fixed the word splitting introduction error in "Mint Pinyin-Quanpin Input"
  • Fixed Wubi reverse check failure



  • Introduction of rime pinyin English frequency reduction af972d72f4
  • Optimize the Lua script of day, time and date to simplify the algorithm
  • Use melt_eng to replace easy_en to fix the English thesaurus reference problem ece44d9c6c
  • Introducing rime English thesaurus rime-ice.en 2743a6f9fb
  • Adapt Lua-based amount conversion ed1476d95f
  • Adapt - and = to turn pages of candidate words



  • Introduce input restriction Lua d9b59b2c5878dc
  • Delete the word splitting font (it was found that too many words use uu as the leader and have no word frequency, which will cause Rime to freeze)
  • Fusion of rime pinyin rime-ice.base ee7f61b260



  • Initialization project, based on Lunar Pinyin, adapted to statement flow
  • Introduce and adapt easy_en to support mixed Chinese and English input
  • Add word splitting font library
  • Adapted to Earth Pinyin