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Demonstration Effect

Simple demonstration effect

This section will showcase the adaptation and usage effects of the Mint Input Method.

Tip: It was originally called "Mint Pinyin", but after adapting to "98 Wubi", "Terra Pinyin" and "Double Fly Pinyin", it feels more appropriate to call it "Mint Input Method" ✪ω✪

Github repository address: oh-my-rime:

Mirror repository address (if you cannot access GitHub): oh-my-rime:


In essence, the Mint input method is a set of input configurations for Rime. Therefore, this website is also an unofficial Rime configuration document.

If you think this document or Mint Pinyin is helpful to you, you can invite me a cup of coffee; users who donate coffee ☕️ will be entered into the "Acknowledgements" (● '◡'●)ノ♥

Platform Support

Oh-my-rime currently supports the following desktop platforms:

Supported Input Methods

Currently, three input types are supported within two major categories:

  • Full Pinyin Input
    • Mint Pinyin: The flagship input method, supporting various look-ups, mixed Chinese-English input, and a rich full-spelling input experience. The dictionary is based on the Rime-ice Pinyin dictionary.
    • Terra Pinyin Mint Customization: Based on Earth Pinyin with additional customizations; the dictionary automatically synchronizes with Rime-ice Pinyin and uses the Python pypinyin library for conversion.
    • Double Flypy Mint Customization: Customized based on the Flypy (phonetic-graphic) double Pinyin input method. The dictionary uses Rime-ice Pinyin.
  • Double Pinyin Input
    • Flypy Mint Customization: Based on Double Fly Input, with additional customizations; supports phonetic-graphic (auxiliary code) input, with the ; key activating graphic input by default. If you are not used to ;, you can reconfigure the activation key.
  • Stroke Input
    • 98 Wubi Mint Customization: Customized based on the 98 Wubi base version to meet the needs of Wubi input; a lightweight version of 98 Wubi.

Supported Features

Currently supported features include:

  • Functionality

    • Supports light and dark theme styles, automatically switching based on the system theme on Windows (Windows 10 1809+) and macOS.
    • Chinese input supporting Traditional Chinese (Taiwan style) and Simplified Chinese.
    • Mixed Chinese-English input, e.g., inputting "DoraA Dream".
    • Supports Emoji and Kaomoji.
    • Supports various reverse lookup input methods: character decomposition (uu), Wubi (uw), and stroke (ui) reverse lookup.
    • Supports quick input of dates, days of the week, times, lunar dates, and Chinese numerals.
  • The dictionary benefits from using Rime-ice Pinyin

    • The Table of General Standard Chinese Characters
    • Huayu Cloud Wind system dictionary
    • Tsinghua University open-source dictionary
    • The Modern Chinese Frequency Dictionary
    • The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary
    • The Synonymous Dictionary
    • The Xinhua Dictionary of Chinese Idioms
    • Tencent Word Vectors

Special Thanks

The construction of Mint Input Method is inseparable from the support of the following projects:

We would also like to thank the maintainers of 98 Wubi yanhuacuo and Rime-ice Pinyin iDvel, mirtlecn for their help.